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Why Choose Succulent Chocolates

• our chocolates are hand-crafted in small batches and produced locally in Vaughan, ON 

• our chocolates are created with the highest quality natural ingredients resulting in bold flavour profiles that will awaken your senses

• our chocolates individually hand-painted with edible cocoa butter colours to have a stunning visual impact

• our chocolates have won multiple national awards including the honour of Canada’s Best Bonbon at the World Chocolate Master Canada

Our Awards

Winner of the Bronze Medal
Presented by: International Chocolate Awards Oct. 2019
Winner of the Bronze Medal
Presented by: International Chocolate Awards Oct. 2018
Winner of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal
Presented by: International Chocolate Awards Oct. 2015
Winner of Canada’s Best Bonbon 2013 
Presented By: World Chocolate Masters Canada

Watch How Our Award Winning Bonbons Are Made

Chef Sandra Abballe

Since a young age Sandra knew her hands were meant to be in chocolate. Growing up in an Italian home, food was always the centre piece. After completing her Bachelors of Technology in GraphicCommunications Management from Ryerson University, Sandra decided to change into the profession she’s always dreamed of, becoming a master chocolatier.

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Winner of Canada's Best Bonbon at The World Chocolate Masters Canada 2013

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Chef Sandra Abballe Named One Of Canada's Most Powerful Woman 2014

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Chef Sandra Visits La Esmeralda Cacao Plantation In Dominican Republic

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