Frequently Asked Questions


It is never too early to place an order! We have set up our ordering process to accommodate both small and large events. 

SMALL EVENTS: If you only need a few favours (12 unit minimum on all favour products) you can order 1-4 weeks before your pick up date. We always carry a small inventory of products to accommodate a fast turn around time. If you have your heart set on a specific product please order earlier. Our online ordering system works based on current inventory in stock. If we do not have your specific product available, then kindly send us an email and we can ensure it gets produced for you. We can only accommodate this request should we have enough time to produce the product.  

LARGE EVENTS: When placing a larger order of 50+ a minimum of 3-4 weeks lead time is required. This allows us enough time to prepare your order according to your customization. We recommend purchasing 10% extra product as a buffer should your guest count increase. This extra product can be used in a special gift for out-of-town guests or for vendors at the event. All large orders will be made to order. 

No changes can be made after the order is placed. Should you require additional products, you will need to place a second order.


We are happy to offer volume discounts on our website for 100+ quantities (8%), 300+ quantities (12%) and 500+ qualities (15%).
To receive the volume discount, simply order the required amount and the discount will automatically be applied to your order at checkout. 

Discounts are only applied to a single order. If you place two orders that total 100 units you will not receive the volume discount. If you place an order of 300 units and then require an additional 20 units your second order will not have the volume discount applied. We recommend purchasing an additional 10% as a buffer and to get the best price! 


All favour boxes are packaged with a flat ribbon horizontally wrapped around the box. We understand customizing the bonbon boxes to enhance the style of the event is very important to our customers.


  • We offer a standard “Thank You” sticker for the top of Bonbon Boxes 2,3,4,5 and Cluster Boxes
  • You can provide your own custom sticker: we will apply to the box/bars free of charge. The custom sticker must land with us 5 business days before the pick up date (Applies to Bonbon boxes of 2,3,4,5, Hand Painted Bars, Fancy Bars and Cluster Boxes)
  • Alternatively, you can choose to present the boxes and bars with no sticker

We currently offer the following ribbon colours: Ivory, Gold, Blush or Black 3/8” Satin Ribbon 

We are happy to apply your provided pre-punched tags to the Boxes of Bonbons 2,3,4 and 5 for an additional fee of $0.60. This will include ribboning the box with a bow and your provided pre-punched tags. The pre-punched tags must be at Succulent Chocolates 5 business days before your pick-up date. If they are not provided within this timeline, we will pack your order with no tag and our choice of ribbon.  

An additional fee ($0.30/unit) will be applied to add a tag to the Box of 1 Bonbon and Elegant Pops.

We do not offer tags at this time. Typically, your stationary company would provide tags. If you are shipping your tags please specify the order name and order number on the package. 




Box of 1 Bonbon

Tag only

Square or Round - 1” - 1.5” max 

Box of 2/3/4//5 

Tag/Sticker/Wax Seal 

Tags: Square or Round - 1” - 1.5"

Tags: Rectangle - 1.75” x 1.25” 

Wax Seal: 1” max

Sticker: Square or Round - 1” max

Elegant Pop

Tag only 

Tags: Square or Round - 1” - 1.5” max

Fancy Bar 

Sticker/Wax Seal

Sticker: Square or Round - 1” - 2” max 

Cluster Box

Sticker/Wax Seal

Sticker: Square or Round - 1.75” max 

Hand Painted Bar

Sticker/Wax Seal

Sticker: Square or Round: 1.75” 

Sticker: Rectangle 1.5 x 2.5” 

You can find all of the product sizes on their respective shop pages 

Please drop off your custom tags/stickers to our Chocolate Lab located at 501 Rowntree Dairy Road, Unit 3 in Vaughan. We are open from Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. We are closed on Saturday & Sundays. 


You can select your desired pick up or delivery date upon check out. Typically, we recommend choosing a pick-up date 2-3 days before your event date. All orders will be ready for pick up/delivery by 9:00am on the day you selected at check out. You will receive an email from Shopify indicating that your order is ready for pick up. Please check your junk mail as this email is coming from a Shopify email address. 

You will be picking up from our Chocolate Lab located at 501 Rowntree Dairy Road, Unit 3 in Vaughan. Please come to the front door and have your order number ready. We are open from Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. We are closed on Saturday & Sundays. 

We have two options for delivery.

1. We offer local delivery using a local courier who will deliver the package between 9am & 6pm. They will not guarantee the time the package is delivered. Please ensure someone is available to receive the package. If not, as per their new contact-less delivery protocols they will leave the package at the door.

2. We also offer shipping through Canada Post. Please note we do not ship with Canada Post during the warmer months of May to August. They indicate on their website that express post can take up to 3 days, however they also state there is no guarantee. If you are looking for your event favours on a specific day, we strongly suggest using a local courier to guarantee your delivery date. 


Our chocolates do not need to be refrigerated. Once you receive your order, keep the box in a cool, dark location. Keep away from a heating source such as the sun, heating vents etc.


We no longer offer tasting meetings for favours. You can purchase a sample of our bonbons through the website. Please email us for the discount code. We are not offering samples of our other favours at this time. 
We have a display of our favours in our front foyer. You are welcomed to stop in to see the products during our hours of operation. 


A custom colour means that you can choose the colours scheme and design of the bonbon while choosing any standard flavour. Please note custom colours require a minimum quantity of 100+ units, a lead time of 8-10 weeks and an additional fee of $0.75/unit.

When ordering a custom bonbon, simply choose from the flavour dropdown menu on each bonbon box landing page and choose Custom Bonbon. From there, two text boxes will appear where you can indicate:

  • The flavour of bonbon you would like to customize
  • The custom colours you would like to see on the bonbon

You can choose from our standard bonbon designs and customize it with your own event colours. (ie: we will use the coconut design and change the colours to dark blue and light blue swirl). Our production manager will reach out to confirm your design and walk you through the colouring process once your order has been placed. 



Bonbons - Ribbon without Bow (flat around the box)
Quantity Box Size Ribbon Length Length in Yards
Box of 1 1.60 Round x 2”H 9”  0.25
Box of 2 2.75”W x 1.25”L x 0.5”H 7” 0.17
Box of 3 3.5”W x 1.25”L x 0.75”H 9” 0.25
Box of 4 4.1"W x 4.1"L x 0.75"H 11” 0.3
Box of 5 6.25”W x 1.25”L x 0.75”H 15" 0.39
Cluster Box  2"W x 2"L x 2"H  8"  .22
Bonbons - Ribbon with Bow
Quantity Box Size Ribbon Length Length in Yards
Box of 1 1.60 Round x 2”H 10” 0.28
Box of 2 2.75”W x 1.25”L x 0.5”H 17” 0.53
Box of 3 3.5”W x 1.25”L x 0.75”H 21” 0.59
Box of 4 4.1"W x 4.1"L x 0.75"H 33” 0.9
Box of 5 6.25”W x 1.25”L x 0.75”H 25" 0.7
Other Favour Options
Elegant Pops 5”W x 1” D 10” 0.34


NOTE: When purchasing small 10 yard rolls (typically found at Michaels) please allocate an additional 15% ribbon length as we find there is a lot of waste per roll. We recommend you purchase the ribbon in either 50 or 100 yard rolls.
These can be found at Creative Bag.