Event & Wedding Favours

Hand Painted Bonbons

Our award-winning hand-painted bonbons are hand-crafted with bold and natural flavours to ensure that one small bite has a big impact. Each colour is a different flavour profile.  

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Elegant Pops

Our elegant chocolate pops will add the perfect decor element to your event while the flavours will leave a lasting impression. They are hand-crafted with creamy Belgian white chocolate and topped with a variety of freeze dried fruit, herbs and garnishes. Each colour is a different flavour profile. 

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Chocolate Pyramids

Our pyramids are made with gourmet Belgian white chocolate, filled with a creamy flavoured dark chocolate centre and topped with gold leaf accents. Flavours include: Mint, Classic Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Espresso. 

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Smash Boxes

Each chocolate smash box is hand-painted with edible cocoa butter colours and filled with assorted gummy candies. Available in 4” of 6”.

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Custom Branded Chocolate

We can create any shape or size in chocolate...the possibilities are endless. There are no limits to what can be created in chocolate! Add your logo to a chocolate bar or create a custom 3D object in chocolate...let your imagination run wild.

Hand Painted Chocolate

These hand-painted chocolate bars are an beautiful and artistic way to incorporate your event colours in the perfect edible favour. Each chocolate bar is hand-crafted with pure Belgian chocolate then hand-painted with your choice of 2 cocoa butter colours and finished with silver or gold leaf.

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