Truffle Making 101



  • We will begin by teaching your team how to work with chocolate and take you through the steps of creating delicious truffles, from crystallizing chocolate to making ganache. We will also provide some expert tips on how to decorate your truffles

  • Participants will be provided with chef hats and aprons to wear during this experience

  • Each person will have the opportunity to make a box of 12 truffles. They will have the option of three ganaches (pre-made). Once the truffles are filled they will dip them into dark chocolate, and then decorate them with their own final touches. Lastly, they will package their truffles to take home

  • Each person has the opportunity to enjoy two of our hand painted bonbons during the experience 


  • In addition to the above, participants working as a team will have the opportunity to make three different flavoured ganaches

  • Each person can make 18 truffles

  • Our workshops are available for groups of 12 in the lab or up to 50+ on site  

To receive a quote, please email with your event details (event date, venue and number of participants)